More Than Polish

There are few times in business where those who start a company, maintain a very unique bond with the brand and all it encompasses. Where values, moral standards and ethics are more important than profit margins and quarterly reports. It's this level of compassion and customer satisfaction that Tiffany, owner and creator of OH TIFF! Professional Lacquer, prides herself on.

Tiffany has an extensive background in the fashion industry; having transitioned from modeling into wholesale retail, and a strong love for fitness and health. Creating a Vegan and eco-friendly brand, while remaining fashion forward was a perfect fit. She and her daughter share the same affinity for electric color palettes and nails, so it came natural to dive into the forever evolving nail industry to: "Create a healthy yet fashionable nail polish for women around the world.....FASHION IN A BOTTLE"-Tiffany.

OH TIFF! offers a wide array of colors and sophistication all while supporting the vegan lifestyle and saving the environment. It is important for the line to represent women around the globe that are bold, beautiful, sleek & health conscious. OH TIFF! is Cruelty Free= Fashion Forward!!

"This creation is dedicated to my daughter, Mia."-Tiffany